Shark Dive


Ultimate Shark Experience

Diving in Fiji with the creator of the worlds #1 Shark Dive is something you don't want to miss. Divers from around the world visit Beqa Island to experience the only dive with 8 species of shark.

You descend through the clear waters to the 25 mtr landing, you will see sharks circling below along with hundreds of fish species swirling around the feeding area. You are not in a cage, but situated on the reef around the perimeter of the dive site called ‘the arena’. Once settled in, the feed begins. Tawny nurse sharks are in abundance, Lemon sharks attend in ones or twos, Silver tips dart in and out. The main attraction, huge Bull sharks arrive in numbers as far as the eye can see.

Everything you were witnessing goes still and silent and in comes the 16ft – 18ft Tiger shark. All the others move aside to allow ‘the queen’ to feed.

The dive lasts about 50 min and provides you with award winning photo and video opportunities. After an hour on the surface the dive is repeated.....however the tide has changed – you never know what will happen next! Diving in Fiji has never been more exhilarating!

Dive prices include dive master services, boat trip, tanks, weights and tax.  Full gear hire  is FJD50 per day for complete set of equipment, or FJD30 per item per day . Proof of dive certification required. Must have open water certificate. There is a Marine Reserve Levy to  be paid direct of FJD25 per person per day

2-tank dive $295*
*Australian dollars, per person. Rates effective to 30 Sept 20.

Prices subject to change and  subject to availability. 

Operating Days

Monday. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


4 hours duration

Number of People

4x people minimum

Food Included

Snacks and drinks

Fitness Required

Moderate level of fitness required

Bookings Essential - Don't Miss Out!